“NVT Proudly Presents a Parade of Imported PremiumFresh Fruits at THAIFEX-ANUGA ASIA 2024”

NAVATAN WORLD FRUIT has been one of the leading premium fruit importers in the industry for more than 20 years of experience. This year, we proudly present a parade of imported premium fresh fruits at one of the biggest world-class food and beverages expo “THAIFEX-ANUGA ASIA 2024” to reinforce the significance of quality fruits cultivated from reliable sources that meet the global standards.

“This is the fourth year NVT has participated in this grand event”, said Miss Weerin Bunruam, the Managing Director of NAVATAN WORLD FRUIT. Like always, there will be countless imported premium-grade fresh fruits from around the world such as the US, Australia, Japan, Korea, Peru, Chile, New Zealand displayed at our booth. What makes this year more special is our wide spectrum of latest arrival products: “Foxy”, a strawberry imported directly from California, United States of America. Foxy is a premium-quality strawberry, meticulously cultivated by farmers. Its fruit is visibly bright red, filled with perfectly balanced sweet and sour flavours. Followed by two types of apples from New Zealand which have recently been the talk of the town, “Tarzi” and “Dazzle”; Tarzi is a bright red apple, filled with pleasant and unique aroma. You will feel the perfectly-balanced flavour and the juiciness you could never refrain from the first bite of its sweet and crisp flesh.

Dazzle, a bright red apple with shiny peel. The flesh inside is filled with sweetness and crisp texture. Last but not least, we could never forget to mention the renowned “King of Apples” or “Envy” which will also be available for all to taste at the booth.

We always receive positive feedback from our clients, especially those who regularly visit us from time to time. They usually give us compliments that our products are rich in taste and equipped with quality. For THAIFEX, we see this as an opportunity to promote our business and raise brand awareness. This event will help our partners to know more about our products, so they could sell it better. This fair will become a portal leading to various business negotiations, and they would possibly create a strong community of people who seek in development cooperation for the fruit industry.

“It has been 15 years that we have been working with NAVATAN said Mr. Craig Hall, the Managing Director of RD8 Fresh Produce Group. “We are a fresh fruit exporter from New Zealand. We have cherries, apples and various kinds of berries. I feel glad and very successful to know how Thai people love our fruits. I have to thank NAVATAN for supporting us in every way. Although there are many importers, we choose NAVATAN as our partner because we believe they are trustworthy and professional. No matter fruit they are selling, they would always be successful at selling them. I could definitely say RD8 would work with NAVATAN only.”

According to Mr. Sam White, the Country Manager of T&G South East Asia, he told us that
T&G got to know NAVATAN through its reputation. “Not only we are publicly well-known and popular, but we also have the world-class refrigerating system. We’re on the same page with NAVATAN when it comes to quality. We must make sure that our products are in the best quality and delicious. If the product is good enough, people will recommend them to their peers. We will be able to unceasingly sell our products and eventually gain more customers. We have to thank NAVATAN for making this happen,” said Mr. White.

Mr. Adrian Surianingrat, Export Manager of Tran Brothers Fruit Co., Ltd. from Australia told us that “we are an Australian exporter of strawberries. As we all know, strawberries are very sensitive, but NAVATAN made it look easy. They are very experienced in handling them, and I am very glad to be working with NAVATAN, because they have never caused me much trouble. Khun Air once told me that if my products do not meet the criteria, she would never sell it to anyone; therefore, my company should only send quality products. It has become our goals and motto ever since.”

According to Mr. Patrick Zhiheng Su, General Manager of Xiamen Sweetseason Trading Co., Ltd. (China), “Thailand is one of the biggest market for lychee. Most Thais would probably know about lychees, but as for our lychees, since we have many types of them in China, we are introducing you the seedless one”.

Another biggest and significant partner that has been supporting us as always, “SUN DIAMOND FRESH” has successfully launched over 100 branches within various leading supermarkets like Tops, Gourmet Market, Big C and Foodland. According to Khun Wassana Nasert, the Managing Director of SUN DIAMOND FRESH, “the reason why we chose NAVATAN is that they have always been supporting us. They are behind all the success we achieved. NAVATAN is remarkably outstanding since they have a wide spectrum of premium products
to offer and the quality is stunningly good. We were able to sell these fruits successfully because the customers love fresh fruits from NAVATAN. Look at us now, we have more than 100 of branches because of NAVATAN”, she said.

Additionally, there are more honorary guests, including:

Mr. Na Young-ho, The President of Chang-Rak Farms from South Korea
Mr. Atsushi Takanami, CEO and Sales Manager of Jewelry Farm Group Co., Ltd (Japan)
and also Fruitbuddy Australia, Seeka New Zealand, Cape Produce New Zealand, IPG USA Paramount USA , Sage USA.

“I promise to maintain our world-class standards to keep our fruits fresh and tasty unceasingly. We will try our best to enhance and procure quality products, for our customers, so everyone can enjoy our premium and delicious fruits perpetually,” said Khun Weerin.
Find our premium fruits booth, NAVATAN WORLD FRUIT at THAIFEX-ANUGA ASIA 2024, starting from 28 MAY 2024 – 1 JUN 2024 (Challenger Hall 3, Booth 3-A27 (Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani)

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