“Regen Smart City” responds to the National Strategy Joining forces with the government to pilot Rayong towards “Smart City”

Regen Smart City (Thailand) announces business readiness Focused on serving the National Strategy, working hand in hand with the state. Reinforcing leadership in the development of smart city systems and IOT technology to reduce energy consumption, creating ” Rayong Smart City ” It is considered a pilot project in the EEC area. Ready to push into the government market in various local areas in the country , hoping to see Thai industry Have the ability to compete Ready to become an ASEAN leader in the future, while in 2024 it is confident that it will result in a skyrocketing income of 500 million.

​Miss Ankanang Shakira Bamrungsorn The Chairman of Regen Smart City (Thailand) Co., Ltd. revealed that in the past the government has given importance and set many policies in the National Strategic plan to push and develop areas in Thailand to become smart cities ” Smart City” ” which can be seen and counted Since the time of the past government Until the current government Various projects are being carried out. continuously for example, the Digital Economy Promotion Agency is driven and encouraged. Many works have come out. During these years And there are also various projects coming out from the government sector, whether it be the Office of the Board of Investment or the BOI that has come out to support and promote the issue of taxes to drive smart cities and digital.

There are also various projects coming out. There are many more projects to come. ​In the past, the company has specialized in explosion-proof electrical systems in the oil and gas industry for more than 10 years . Including having a long history of working with the government and leading companies in Thailand, such as: PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited , PTT Global Chemical , IRPC , Bangchak Oil Refinery which covers both Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand In addition, many local government organizations “ The company is ready. and have experience, making them have expertise in technology for a long time in the industrial market in Thailand at the same time Also give importance to new technology that is constantly updated. Therefore, it is the reason that the company I hope to see the overall picture of our country’s industry growing and being ready to compete on a par with international competition. Including the most important thing. Thailand’s industry Have the ability and Ready to become an ASEAN leader in the future as well. ”

The company has a desire to develop Digital continuously. Along with giving importance to being friendly to the World, Sustainable Energy as a develop of Digital infrastructure Systems for sustainable Smart cities (Sustainable Smart City) with AI systems , including collecting data from the Data City Platform. That has been developed from an application using technology that can be adjusted to meet the needs of that area. So that the government, government and private sectors can manage areas or cities sustainable and efficiently. For maximum benefit in providing public services to the people. ​From the long experience and expertise of the Company in the past. This latest result Company, It will also being trusted. Reinforcing leadership in the development of smart city systems ( Smart City) and IOT technology to reduce energy consumption ( Smart Energy) by contracting with the government sector by the Rayong Provincial Administrative Organization in the project ” Rayong Smart City ” holds It is a pilot project for the area. Eastern Special Economic Corridor Development Project or EEC according to the vision and policy for developing the EEC area to be a smart city or “ Smart city ” Economic corridor area that is ready to receive the growth of the industrial sector which is the main goal in Thailand’s ‘s strategic plan for the pilot Project In the EEC area, ” Rayong Smart City ” is considered to be a demonstration of the company’s readiness in innovation and smart city technology. Under the initiative Study and research information and development for more than 3 years until gaining the trust of the government sector In This pilot.

Miss/Mrs. Angkanang It has also revealed business operations in 2024 that the company aims to use the technology studied and developed. Including the experience of doing pilot projects like this, it has increasingly entered the government market in various local areas in the country. This is for the benefit of developing smart cities in many areas of Thailand. It is expected that with the readiness of the company at this time, it will be able to build confidence and result in good business operations for the company next year.

The company has set a target for revenue of 500 million baht , confident that the target set will definitely be achievable. Incidentally, Regen Smart City (Thailand) Company Limited is a technology leader in explosion-proof electrical equipment systems ( Explosion Proof Device) in the energy market and industrial market that is a world-class company. coming steadily and for a long time Including being a partner in providing 5G signal services for the company’s network National Telecommunications Public Company Limited, formerly known as Regen Solution and Distribution Company Limited.

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